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Indonesia has become one of the fastest-growing digital growth in South East Asia. Social Media has played an important role in fuelling increases in the amount of this digital growth.

There were more than 170 million social media users in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the largest market share of platforms is dominated by global companies. This fact is what drives us, Hyppe, to fill in.

Hyppe, the first local licensed social media company and new hope for all Indonesia’s Content Creators to MonetizeYourIdeas.

What Makes Hyppe Different?

Content Ownership

We value every content on Hyppe. Your content is safe and protected so no one else can claim your ideas

Fingerprint Combat

An Artificial Intelligence that detects and prevents any illegal digital activity on Hyppe. Say goodbye to piracy and plagiarism!

Sharing Economic Platform

Content creators, Advertiser and Ads viewers can have revenue from Hyppe Apps


Upload your content on Hyppe, get it Monetized and get revenue from your content

Content Marketplace

Do you have content ideas, image or footage you want to buy or sell? You can do it on Hyppe!


Your wallet for all your needs.
You can access every transaction on Hyppe, from your monetization, buy or sell content or adsvertising

Be a Content Creator and #MonetizeYourIdeas

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Kreativitas Tanpa Batas

No need to hold back, you're born to this. Grab your camera, smartphone and everything you need to express yourself on Hyppe!

Join The Hyppe

See what's on Hyppe and join the trend with your best content

Monetize Your Content

Do what you love and make money with it
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